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World Travel Index Find travel destinations based on your preferences and budget

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World Travel Index provides travel rankings to thousands of destinations, powered by 100+ data sources.

Whether you're a casual traveler, a digital nomad, a business traveler, or a bargain hunter, World Travel Index is your go-to resource for planning your next adventure:

🌍 A vast database with 3000+ cities, 950+ islands, and 190+ countries.
📊 Rankings in categories like cost, attractions, safety, and infrastructure.
🎚ī¸ Preference Filter: Tailor your search to fit your desires, from weather to food preferences
💰 Budget Filter: Find destinations that match your financial plans
🏖ī¸ Destination Budget: Calculate the budget for your chosen location
📊 Compare Locations: Not sure where to go? Compare and contrast potential destinations
💭 Inspiration: Daily travel inspiration from around the globe

Try World Travel Index today and redefine the way you travel! 🚀🌐

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Tom here, founder of World Travel Index and newcomer on Travel Massive.

I'm thrilled to unveil World Travel Index, a comprehensive travel companion that's been four years in the making. As a seasoned traveler, I've experienced the challenges of sifting through conflicting travel advice and the struggle to plan trips that align with my time and budget. That's why I created World Travel Index, to provide data-driven insights and eliminate human bias from your travel planning.

📖 My Story:
After relying on various blogs and often finding myself with skewed travel durations, I was motivated to create a platform based on pure data. The World Travel Index is the culmination of that vision, offering a way to validate and check travel assumptions against hard facts.

🎁 Special Offer:
To celebrate our launch, enjoy unlimited, ad-free access until December 10th. Plus, the first 150 users can secure a subscription at a reduced price for unlimited, ad-free access. After December 10th, access will be limited, and external ads will be introduced.

🙏 Feedback Wanted:
Your thoughts are invaluable. What features would you like to see? Do you encounter any issues? Share your feedback and help us make World Travel Index your indispensable travel tool.

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Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Tom, thanks for sharing World Travel Index with the Travel Massive community.

Congats on what you've created. A few questions / feedbacks! :)

1. Are you the sole developer or are you working with a team? There's quite a lot of functionality!

2. I noticed you also have German language. Is this a big target market for you? There's a Berlin Travel Massive group and quite a few members in our community based in Germany you could connect with.

3. Have you done much research on your subscription model? It would be great to see a few stronger USPs offered than ad removal and unlimited access. Perhaps you need to paywall the site a bit more and show people how many pages / articles they have left to incentivise a subscription.

4. I like the special reports you've got "coming soon" but I feel these should be part of the subscription.

Anyway, good stuff and hope you find this feedback helpful!

7 months ago

Hi Ian,

thanks a lot for your time you took to check out the site. Your feedback is really helpful to me. Just some insights to your questions:

1. I worked 4 years on the concept, data, design and content. For the development, I have had freelancers for different topics to help me. Otherwise, I could not manage it in this time. Launch was planned in Jan 2022, but because of Covid I postponed and decided to work on features - Build the island database and build all tools. This took until now. :)

2. Germany is currently the third-biggest travel market after US: www.gbta.org/wp-content/uploads/GBTA-BTI-2023_Executive-Summary-FINAL.pdf - Since I'm native German, it made naturally sense to include it. By now I was just focusing on the 2 biggest markets besides China and pick-up more later dependent on market penetration.

Thanks for the hint with the group, I will check that out.

3. Yes, I did research across industry and also in the same industry (like nomadlist.com). Currently, since I'm building up traffic and ranking signals, I just go relaxed with ads / paywall. I think there will also be some experiments included, as many businesses have good experience with one-time payments (lifetime). The paywall will be much oriented on a certain page number daily in the beginning.

4. For the special reports - they will be used with infographics / videos to drive traffic, esp from social first and spark interest. It will be in many cases some reports which you can re-do yourself with our filter tool. So we rather not paywall them first. Open to everything, dependent on how things evolve.

Hope to connect further in your community. Your platform is really great so far.

7 months ago

Will definitely check out this website

6 months ago

Thanks a lot. If you have any questions, please let me know.

6 months ago
CEO & Founder, NaviSavi

Hey Tom! Really cool stuff. My platform is only videos of these same 'suggestions' -
I'd love to chat about a possible collab or partnership that might benefit us both. :)

5 months ago

Hey Sally! Thanks for your message! Just had a look at your platform. You built a great product and community so far. You can send me a DM, and we'll take it from there. Talk soon.:)

5 months ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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