Webinar Recap: Women In Travel with Wanderful, Women in e-Travel, WiT CIC
Hear from three inspiring women founders

Here’s the replay from our first Women in Travel LIVE Webinar on Travel Massive LIVE, where we invited three inspiring female leaders to share their journeys and challenges working in the industry as well as tips they have for other women in travel.

In this webinar we hear from:

Beth Santos, founder of Wanderful – a global community and lifestyle brand that specializes in helping all women travel the world.

Anna Jimenez, co-founder of Women in e-Travel – a project that aims to promote women’s visibility via networking and workshops.

Alessandra Alonso, founder of Women in Travel CIC (www.womenintravelcic.com) – a social enterprise aiming to empower women and communities through employability and entrepreneurship.

Some women-focused investment funds or angels mentioned during the webinar:

* WERock Capital (www.linkedin.com/company/werockcapital/about/)

* Pipeline Angels (pipelineangels.com), Portfolia (www.portfolia.co)

* Golden Seeds (goldenseeds.com)

* X Factor Ventures (www.xfactor.ventures)

* Women 2.0 (women2.com)

* All Raise (allraise.org)

* InvestHer Ventures (www.investherventures.com)

* Female founders fund (femalefoundersfund.com)

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1 year ago
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