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Lost Travel
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May 2021
Unforgettable events for adventurous people.

At Lost HQ we think the best adventures are unguided and unscripted. We also believe that you can be good to the planet while not taking yourself too seriously.

We have spent over a decade camping, climbing, diving, driving, paddling, pedaling, hiking, exploring, sailing, and failing. It has taken us from the sands of Death Valley to the sands of Rajasthan. We've been to some cold and rainy places too.

We started this company so more people can experience the pure joy that comes at the end of a good adventure. We now have a team that stretches across North America and we’re working every day to craft one-of-a-kind travel experiences.

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1 year ago

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Founder, Lost Travel

Excited to be featured here! Also, check out the recap video for our new trip: AshtoNash. It's a 7 day bicycling adventure from Asheville, NC to Nashville, TN.

1 year ago
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