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Looking for tips for family Israel trip

NY based parenting blogger researching off the beaten path things to do
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Founder, The Mint Chip Mama

I’m looking for unique experience in Israel for a family trip in February 2023.

We will be all over from the Golan to Eilat. I’d love ideas of unique places to visit, restaurants (I love a good hole in the wall), etc.

We’re staying at Abraham Hostels (I see you guys are on here - hi!) in Jerusalem, Eilat & Tel Aviv. Still trying to figure out the north leg of our trip.

I’ll be writing a blog post based on an off the beaten path family friendly trip at

Can’t wait to hear your ideas and suggestions.

6 months ago (edited)
Founder & Director of Mappy Hour

My absolute favorite adventure in Israel was renting bikes in Tiberius and cycling alongside the Sea of Galilee. It's an absolutely beautiful area with fun stops for beaches/views as well as history.

6 months ago
Founder, The Mint Chip Mama

Sounds amazing! Thanks

6 months ago
Founder, Ancient Odysseys

Depending on your timing, you could spend a few days on an archaeology dig in Timna to help excavate the ancient remnants of King Solomon's Mine. Check out the details at We have lots of other paleontology and archaeology digs around the world that are family friendly too.

6 months ago