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Dubai Travel Massive A travel community in Dubai

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Dubai is more than just a stopover for travel. It's also an expat-hub for most professionals in the field. Travel Massive Dubai brings together travelers and the travel industry community to connect and talk travel.

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Founder, Bucketlist City

Good afternoon Dubai Travel Massive, and welcome to our all new Travel Massive Platform.

I want to say a big thank you to Ian and the team for their ongoing investment in Travel Massive platform, I think the new platform looks incredible, and I can't wait to interact with all of you in the Dubai Chapter.

Why not get engaged today and introduce yourself to the others members on Dubai Travel Massive.

Kindest regards Gary Edmonstone - Dubai Chapter co-creator

2 years ago
Freelance Writer, Radio Presenter, Founder, A to Za'atar

Hi Gary! Great to see you over here, and looking forward to future events. With Expo 2020 coming up soon, it should be a great time to visit Dubai.

2 years ago

Hello Gary! It's Anam here and I hold a master's degree in International Tourism Marketing. It is great to see this chapter up and looking forward to many networking events.

2 years ago
CEO, Copilot2trip.com

Hi there!
I wish Dubai and MENA regions as whole will achieve declared ambitious goals in development of travel industry!

8 months ago

Hi there! I'm an MiddleEast enthusiast, proud owner of " Art And then Some" blog (artandthensome.com ), and a management consultant by profession. My passion for the Middle East culture and history and love for travel have led me to share my experiences and insights through my writing. In my free time, you can find me exploring the streets of different Middle East countries and discovering new hidden gems. I hope to connect with others who share my passion for Middle East.

7 months ago
Business Development, Travel Startups

Does anybody attend ATM on May, 6-9 and want to catch up?

I'm a chapter leader of Moscow and Almaty (Kazakhstan). I hold TravelTech conferences in CIS countries, including Central Asia. I work with travel startups and traveltech companies in bizdev projects. My passion is helping interesting tech-projects to find right partners. Looking forward to meet people of Dubai's chapter. Please, contact me here or via leonid@travelmassive.com

Announced 1 month ago (edited)
Founder, Her Unknown World

Hi Leonid. Good Evening from Dubai. I will be attending ATM 7th - 9th May. I am a part of The Unknown Planet team; a travel tech start up, and we have a lot of our B2B partners from South East Asia looking for partners in the CIS countries. Lets connect.

1 month ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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