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Colorado National Monument

A vlog exploring the stunning Colorado landscape
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Traveling Videographer, UPTRN

Hello and thanks for checking out our video!

This video is our latest long form video as we continue to learn what it takes to shoot, edit, and craft a good piece of visual story telling. Hope you enjoy, any feedback is welcome.

The Colorado National Monument was a sight to behold. The canyons, spires, and monoliths stood tall against the red rock landscape. It was as if nature had carved its own masterpiece, a testament to the power of time and erosion.

As the sun set, the rocks glowed a deep shade of red, casting long shadows across the land. The air was crisp and clear, and the stars shone like diamonds in the sky. It was a place of raw beauty, where man was reminded of his insignificance in the grand scheme of things.

The Colorado National Monument was a reminder that nature always prevails, and that even the strongest of rocks can be worn down by the passage of time. It was a place to contemplate the mysteries of life and to be humbled by the majesty of the natural world.

We are a husband and wife who have spent the last few years working on our travel video style and would love to get your feedback and thoughts.

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