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Meetups are social gatherings that bring people together to share ideas. When you combine people and ideas, magic happens! New innovations, businesses and friendships are created when we get together. This is why in-person, local meetups are so important for the future of our industry. Plus, they are fun!

The pandemic impacted many of our chapter leaders and community members, and prevented local gatherings from taking place. Cities are open again, so we're rebuilding our network of local meetups.

Travel Massive is the largest international community for tour operators, content creators, and startups to meet freely and collaborate. Local chapters are independently operated by their own members.

If you'd like to take over this group, simply get in contact with us and organize a meetup.

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Bogotá Travel Massive A travel community in Bogotá

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Situada en el corazón de la cordillera de Los Andes, Bogotá es el epicentro del boom turístico y económico que Colombia ha estado viviendo durante los últimos años. Esta ciudad de 9 millones de habitantes, en medio de impresionantes montañas y con un clima de primavera a lo largo de todo el año, ha capturado la atención del mundo por su dinamismo constante, su fuerte afluencia cultural tanto de locales como extranjeros y sus crecientes oportunidades de negocio. La comunidad de Travel Massive va a suplir la necesidad de articular a las personas trabajando en el sector turístico para generar sinergias, compartir información valiosa y mantenerse al tanto de las ultimas tendencias y oportunidades.

Located at the heart of the Andes mountain range, Bogotá is the epicenter of the touristic and economic boom that Colombia has been undergoing during the last few years. This 9 million people city, framed by astonishing mountains and with spring-like weather throughout the whole year has captured the attention of the world with its restless dynamism, strong local and international cultural affluence, and a burst in business opportunities.

Travel Massive community brings together travellers and tourism professionals for generating synergies, share valuable information, and keep up with the last trends and opportunities.

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