Event Handbook.

Tips and tricks for event hosts.

About this Guide

Travel Massive events bring together thousands of travel insiders every year to learn, collaborate, share ideas and meet new people. A Travel Massive event should be a fun experience that provides value to attendees and will bring them back again.

We’ve put together this guide packed with helpful advice and tips, based on our experiences hosting thousands of meetups over many years.

This guide is about hosting in-person, real-world events (not online webinars).

We hope these tips help make your Travel Massive event a great success!

👉 Just getting started? See our Event Guide for the basics.

Travel Massive event formats

The format of your event is up to you. Here are the most common formats:

  • Speaker series. Invite a speaker from your community to talk about an interesting topic. Example: Fireside Chat with an adventure guide or leader. How did they start their travel business and what were their challenges?

  • Host a panel. Bring together experts in your community and host an industry panel on a new topic. Example: Panel on Influencer Marketing for Destinations.

  • Happy Hour. Meet for social drinks (or coffee) and informal networking. There’s no structure so you must have strong conversation skills to bring people together.

Here’s a few more ideas based on past events:

  • Unconferences
  • Bar Camps
  • Road trips
  • City tours
  • Adventure races
  • Workshops
  • Speed networking
  • Expert panels

For more ideas, check our meetup listings or blog archive of past events.

Event topics

Here’s some examples of past event topics:

For more ideas, check our meetup listings or blog archive of past events.

Growing your events

The average attendance of events is between 10 and 50 people.

Here’s a few growth tips:

  • What matters most is that everyone gets value.
  • Start small with the aim to grow. Set realistic expectations for your first event.
  • Focus on creating connections and learning - these are more valuable than prizes or free drinks and will bring members back to your events.

Finding a venue

Here’s a few things to consider when looking for a suitable venue for your event:

  • Open spaces allow attendees to move around, mingle and network more easily.
  • Too many tables or too comfy chairs force people to stay in one area and decreases engagement.
  • Have a separate or private section to clearly identify Travel Massive attendees and not blend in with other customers.
  • If your event is taking place in a bar, make sure it is not too dark and not too loud, and that it is a non-smoking area.
  • Don’t invite members to expensive bars or restaurants.
  • Ensure the venue has relevant COVID-safe standards in place.

Venue ideas

Find a venue that is safe, comfortable, and accessible. Here’s some examples:

  • Company Offices — for example, a recently launched travel business
  • New Bars or Restaurants — great way to help them highlight and promote their new space to the community
  • Co-working Spaces
  • Art Galleries
  • Hotels — Many hotels have rooftop bars, or venue spaces
  • Local Tourist Attractions
  • Greek Islands (we’ve been to a few!)
  • Ask your community for ideas!

Questions to ask the venue

Here’s some information you should ask from a potential venue:

  • What is the capacity of the space?
  • Will there be a time limit on the duration of our stay?
  • Is there a private section to hold the event?
  • What is the layout of the space? (sitting vs. standing)
  • If the area is a sit-down layout, will we be able to move away tables and chairs for easier networking?
  • Keep in mind the music level at a venue – will there be the possibility of controlling the volume during the event?
  • Find out the cost of drinks and if they offer a happy hour special.
  • Do they have food & find out general costs?
  • Are they on social media?
  • Will there be free WiFi?
  • Who will be the contact they day of the event?

Questions if you are hosting a talk

If you are hosting speakers or a panel, these are additional questions to ask:

  • Will there be a microphone available?
  • Do they provide a projector?
  • Where will the projector be displayed?
  • Will there be someone on hand to assist with potential technical Troubleshooting?
  • Is there enough space to organize a panel and chairs for everyone to sit?

Ask if the venue wants to support

The venue might offer partial or full discount on drinks and/or appetizers in exchange for social media exposure during the event. Pitch them the value of Travel Massive and how they could benefit from social media interaction by members who will be attending. If the arrangement works well, you might have found your regular venue!

Listing your event

Be creative with your online event listing and make it stand out:

  • Write a clear and engaging event title
  • Write a great description for your event that explains why people should attend and outlines the agenda.
  • Use a high quality image (Canva is a great, free tool to make images)
  • 2-3 weeks in advance - send your first event announcement to your network
  • 1 week in advance - send another round of invitations to your network
  • 1-2 days before event - send friendly reminder announcement to attendees
  • 1-2 days after - send a thank you to participants and sponsors

If you list your event on other platforms (e.g. Eventbrite, or Facebook), please ensure there is link to the Travel Massive event page and you include the instructions “In order to register, you must sign up on Travel Massive”

Event volunteers

Ask for assistance from friends and colleagues at the event:

  • Guest list and check-in
  • Taking photos at the event (guest photographer)
  • Taking video of the event (guest videographer)
  • Writing a wrap-up post for the Travel Massive website

Example Agenda

Set and publish the agenda. Here’s an example:

  • 19:00 – Doors open
  • 19:30 – Welcome & interactive discussion with our experts
  • 20:30 – Open mic (30 sec for you to pitch your idea or project)
  • 20:40 – Networking
  • 22:00 – The End

At the event

Here’s a few tips to help make your event a success on the day:

  • If your event is taking place in a public venue (i.e bar restaurant) make yourself clearly identifiable (balloon, Travel Massive banner or other item) where attendees can find your group easily within walking through the door.
  • Set up a welcome table to greet members as the enter the event. Use sticker name tags where guests can write their name and/or Twitter handle or name of company/blog.
  • Use guest-list to check-in attendees. This helps you know when you’re at capacity or keep track of a wait-list if there is one.
  • Post signs to encourage people to use social media at the event.
  • Include #TravelMassive and the Instagram handles of your speakers and venue.
  • Share what happens at the event on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.
  • Facilitate connections and discussion with members who might be a bit shy - not everyone is as outgoing as you are!

Respect members’ privacy

  • Under no circumstance are you allowed to share contact details of attendees to an external party unless for security purposes.
  • If the venue or a sponsor requests members emails they must do so at the event on their own accord (business card drop or email sign up sheet).
  • Members appreciate you keeping their contact information secure.

Your responsibilities

As an event host, you’re responsible for a few things related to events:

  • You are responsible for determining and arranging the time, place, location, speakers or special guests, topic and format of the event.
  • You are responsible for publishing your event on the Travel Massive website and promoting it to your network.
  • You must ensure that events are hosted in venues or locations that provide adequate security and safety for attendees.
  • You must ensure that any third parties (e.g. speakers, sponsors, venues) associated with an event support Travel Massive’s values and will not bring disrepute to Travel Massive’s brand values or reputation.

Prizes and giveaways

If a prize or giveaway is offered at an event, all attendees should have a fair opportunity to enter the competition and the selection criteria should be accurately displayed and adhered to. A sponsor can not provide a door prize to a pre-selected person.

Drink responsibly

Our community does not condone excessive consumption of alcohol. Know your limits and when you should stop drinking. Don’t drink and drive. Notify the venue staff if you see someone is unwell and needs help.

Be safe

By attending a Travel Massive event, you and your attendees are responsible for your own safety. Travel Massive is not involved in the transportation to and from the venue, your interactions with other members, or the actions of any individuals at the events. By attending an event you are taking full responsibility for your own safety and well being.

Event Checklist

Here’s the steps you need to take to organise, promote and host your event.

6-8 weeks before the event

  • Found a venue
  • Found speakers, or sponsors … (if applicable)

3-4 weeks before the event

  • Created an event page on Travel Massive website
  • Sent an invite to your network (via email, WhatsApp, newsletter, etc)
  • Researched and invited new people via direct outreach
  • Promoted the event through your social media channels

2-3 days before the event

  • Confirmed the venue & review any specific requirements for the event
  • Confirmed speakers & met with them to prepare for the event (if applicable)
  • Sent a reminder to the attendees
  • Called out for additional volunteers (if needed)

During the event

  • Placed a visual sign, so that the event is easy to find
  • Set up a welcome table with guests list to check-in attendees
  • Have name tags for attendees (recommended)
  • Take photos of the event!
  • Instagram during the event using #TravelMassive

1-2 days after the event

  • Sent a thank you email to the attendees
  • Sent a thank you email to the venue
  • Sent a thank you email to speakers/ sponsors
  • Posted photos of the event on social media
  • Wrap-up post for Travel Massive (optional)

Tag us on Social Media

If you would like your event’s social media content shared via our official channels, please tag @travelmassive and hash-tagged #travelmassive so our team is notified.

Here’s a list of our official Travel Massive channels if you want to tag us:

Here’s some examples of content to tag us in:

  • Pre-promotion of upcoming events
  • Inspirational people in your community
  • Photos and updates from current events
  • Recap of past events

Brand Guidelines

Please use the “Travel Massive” name in full to refer to our community or your local event. This ensures we keep our brand consistent around the world.

Also, please see our Brand Guidelines covered in our Event Guide.

Have fun!

Organising and hosting a Travel Massive event can take a lot of time and preparation. The experience should be rewarding for you too. Make sure you enjoy your event!


Have questions, or tips you’d like to contribute? Contact us.