Toronto LIVE: The Future of Travel - How to Be a Sustainable Traveller

Thursday, Aug 13, 2020
Hosted by Will Tang
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About this event

Are you curious about sustainable travel?

Have you wanted to incorporate eco-friendly travel to your plans and itineraries, but not sure where to start? Maybe you'd like some new ideas on how to be an even more responsible traveller?

Join this live panel discussion, "The Future of Travel: How to Be a Sustainable Traveller", to understand and navigate the positive and negative impact of travel on people, animals, and the planet. Through this global pandemic, climate change and other worldly issues, becoming a responsible traveller is more important now than ever before.

Who is this for?
This session is for travel industry professionals, content creators, and brands alike to promote and encourage eco-friendly travel practices.

Key Takeaways:
* Learn the basics of sustainable travel and easy ways to incorporate it into your travel plans
* How to become positive role models in the travel industry
* The aspects of travel that we predict will decrease in popularity and the ones that will thrive in a post pandemic world
* Why eco-friendly travel is the future of travel

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About Lauren Yakiwchuk:

Lauren Yakiwchuk is a travel blogger and content creator from Mississauga, Ontario. She writes a travel blog called Justin Plus Lauren (, featuring travels with her partner, Justin. Lauren's blog focuses on "adventure and kind travel", highlighting travel that is sustainable towards people, the planet, and animals. In addition, Lauren recently started a hiking blog called Ontario Hiking (, showcasing the best hiking trails in Ontario, Canada.

About Nora Livingstone:

Nora Livingstone is the co-founder of Animal Experience International (, a B Corp that helps people volunteer on safe, ethical and authentic animal programs around the world. She has volunteered with animals in more than 20 countries and has visited more than 40. She loves the idea of empowering people to live their dreams and travel while authentically and ethically helping animals in community. Nora is a Nature Canada: Woman for Nature, is on the advisory board of the Orangutan Project, the resident animal ethics expert for Journey Woman and is also the host of Fanimalโ€™s Animal Chat Time.

About Oksana and Max St. John:

Oksana and Max St John are a Canadian husband and wife team and the co-founders of the Award-Winning Sustainable Travel Blog, Drink Tea & Travel ( They are travel bloggers, photographers, and videographers on a mission to promote responsible travel practices and to inspire their followers to make a positive impact on the destinations they visit. When they are not on the road, youโ€™ll find them in Costa Rica, where they own and oversee the operations of an eco-hotel and retreat centre, the Drift Away Eco Lodge (

About Jules Hatfield and Christine Williams:

Jules Hatfield and Christine Williams are a traveling husband and wife team who have been on the road for over 10 years, with the goal of amassing a lifetime of adventures and experiences. They split their time between the United States, Australia and their home away from home, Bali. They blog full time at Donโ€™t Forget To Move ( and their newest adventure as entrepreneurs is hosting Not So Bon Voyage , a comedic travel podcast all about when sh*t goes wrong on the road.

๐Ÿ‘ Organized by Will Tang
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