The Lagos Adire Hangout

Saturday, Jun 19, 2021
Hosted by Sam Adeleke
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About this event

Whoop whoop!!! This is our first physical event since February 2020. So excited to bring the community together to experience something new and different. We'll be hanging out to learn about the THE MAKING OF ADIRE - a local Nigerian fashion rave.

For starters, ADIRE is the name given to indigo dyed cloth produced by Yoruba women of south western Nigeria using a variety of resist dye techniques. ADIRE translates as tie and dye, and the earliest cloths were probably simple tied designs on locally-woven hand-spun cotton cloth much like those still produced in Mali.

Our Special Guest (guess who lol) will be showing us how to source for raw materials, make, produce and sell this famous Nigerian cultural export. It will be an immersive experience like no other.

This is a free event. However, we'll appreciate your kind donations to support the cost of putting this event together. Thank you.

👏 Organized by Azeez Alimi, Oluwakemi Ojo, Sam Adeleke and Uchenna Innocent
📍 Event location: Adire World
🗺 Adire World
16, Adebola Ojomu Street, Aguda-Surulere, Lagos