Mindful Befriending – Off the Radar Meet-up in Montenegro
Presjeka Village, Montenegro
Saturday, Oct 15, 2022
Hosted by Kirsi Hyvaerinen
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12 people attending (2 interested) Who can attend? Members of Travel Massive; our travel & tourism community, remote workers & digital nomads in Montenegro
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It is time to recharge and rewind on our next event scheduled for October 15th at the lush gardens of FitCamp Montenegro!

We prepared a rich program for our travel industry community to present you with the FitCamp programs and, at the same time, promote Montenegro as a destination with great potential for well-being, mindfulness, and digital nomads/remote working/workcation stays. And it's been a while since we gathered in person!

What you can expect:
• Introduction to the topics of interest, great for travel offer diversification (remote workers and digital nomads, unique travel offers, greener environment);
• Mindful workshop - a branded offer from FitCamp Montenegro and its team;
• Yoga breathing class by the FitCamp team.
• A short Fitness class;
• DJ performance – of a unique kind;
• Wild herbs harvesting for making the Edible Greens – a meal to enjoy;
• Networking and meeting like-minded people!

If all the above is your cup of (local herbal) tea, wait no longer!

The event starts on October 15th at 10:30 am, and the places are limited (20 people), along the principle of first come - first served, as we care about the sustainable development of our local communities!

Registration is open. Join us!

Here is some practical advice on what to wear and what to bring as we love to think & act green:

• Contact each other for car/taxi sharing! Or take a train/bus to Niksic.
• Get dressed comfortably.
• Bring a thermos (or reusable, unbreakable) bottle for fill-ups with wild herbs/tea.
• Please try to avoid single-use plastic bottles and cans!
• There are furry friends with us – they are super friendly, but if you are allergic: please let us know - we will be outdoors and take care that you are not bothered.
• Any questions about this event? Send a message!
• Share your experience with #TravelMassiveMNE & #theNextLevelOfVacation

We are looking forward to seeing you soon. Thumbs up for a golden, sunny October day!

Kind regards from the hosts & helping hands,
Andjela, Kirsi & Slavica