Bloggers Toolkit - Photography and Videography

Thursday, Nov 5, 2020
Hosted by Will Tang
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About this event

As bloggers and content creators, you've picked up a lot of knowledge along the way to help your business. The community has so much talent that we're leaning on you to share with us how you do what you do so well.

There's so much that we can learn from each other and this is the first in a series of LIVE events where we'll bring members of our community together to talk about their favourite tips, tricks, tools, and gear to level up your skills.

Join this live panel discussion, "Blogger's Toolkit - Photography and Videography", to dive into a few of the Toronto Travel Massive community members' best advice when it comes to snapping photos or recording videos for their own brand or others.

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Who is this for?

While presented by content creators, the advice discussed in this session will be just as valuable for travel industry professionals and brands.

Key Takeaways:
* Learn practical and behind-the-scenes tips and tool recommendations for photography and videography

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About Arienne Parzei:

Arienne Parzei is a writer, photographer, and award-winning travel videographer. She runs the YouTube Channel and blog, with a focus on adventure activities and cultural experiences. Her insatiable curiosity for learning about different cultures first-hand has led her to some amazing destinations and experiences. Sheโ€™s lived in South Korea, backpacked through Southeast Asia, and summited Mt Kilimanjaro. Through her website & YouTube channel, she has worked with a number of brands and tourism boards including Air Canada Vacations, Germany Tourism, Parks Canada, and Honda Canada. She is also an ambassador for Destination Toronto, working regularly on social media takeovers and video projects.

About Yashy Murphy:

Yashy is a travel writer and content creator who was born in Sri Lanka and now lives in downtown Toronto. This hungry urbanite is often followed by two kids and her husband as she explores the globe and cities she calls home. Yashy's blog, Parenting To Go (, is about encouraging young urban parents to maintain the pre-kid lifestyle posts kids and you can find her sharing stories about travel, parenting and condo living. She can occasionally be seen on TV, heard on radio or read in travel magazines. On Instagram ( she shares the (mis)adventures with young kids and loves capturing life's moments.

About Kasia Chojecki:

Kasia is a writer, content creator and photographer with a passion for travel. She loves discovering new places and writing about them on her blog Kasiawrites ( The blog focuses on adventure, exploration and discovery with an emphasis on responsible travel. To highlight her love affair with Italy, Kasia started a second blog called Amongst Romans ( that provides information about Italy from an outsiderโ€™s perspective. She is also an avid enthusiast of castles, museums and architecture.

About William Tang:
Will is the Chief of Awesome behind Going Awesome Places ( His brand focuses on outdoor adventure and experiential travel and is known for his ridiculously detailed itineraries and travel guides. Photography and videography are key components to his work where he draws on his experience as a wedding photographer in his previous life. For his videos, you can find him at

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