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Valentina Vallinotto
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Adventure is more than my passion. I have climbed the main summits in the Alps, Kilimanjaro, other peaks in Argentina, Bolivia, and the Chinese Pamir. Then climbing was no longer enough for me, and I also started diving in Egypt, Thailand, Maldives, Malaysia, Borneo, Belize, Australia.

In the meantime, between peaks and abysses, I always managed to insert a trip to my beloved Africa. However, after the first experience, I realized that the classic tour package was not for me. Thus, I began in the 90s to visit eastern and southern Africa independently, on self-drive expeditions, and exploring parks and lesser-known destinations with the eyes of the locals. So, I soon became passionate about conservancy too. The passion was so strong that soon it became my job.

Living in the USA, I am expanding our options to the Americas: the gorgeous off-the-beaten-path trails in the US, Baja Mexico, Atacama Chile, Bolivia, Argentina. - My lodge: Ndutu Safari Lodge, Tanzania

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