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Sara Amata
Travel Blogger, SaltaConmigo
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I am Italian but I have been living in Madrid for the past 11 years. I worked in marketing in food multinationals but I quit the job in 2013 to travel around South America without a return ticket with my husband JAAC. Finally, we spent one year abroad and we got to Antarctica. Now we are fully dedicated to write our travel stories in our travel blog (born in 2007). We speak about this big trip and other trips we have gone on in the last year and during our holidays when we had "office jobs". We have travelled to about 60 countries in all the continents.
I love sharing travel experiences and getting to know other people who like that, too.

July 2015
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I want to join because I love traveling and sharing my travel experiences in my blog SaltaConmigo. Love your idea or connecting and sharing globally.