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Predrag Dulović
Owner and Founder, Monte Mare Travel

Out of love for travel, the travel agency 'Monte Mare Travel' was born, in which I transferred all my previously acquired long-term business experiences as well as travel experiences.
All this together resulted in the creation of the most diverse offer of the beautiful country of Montenegro, which is offered by my agency.
My team and I enjoy creating offers for our partners and clients around the world, making new acquaintances and friendships.

'Monte Mare Travel' agency - tour operator is focused on inbound program in Montenegro and Western Balkan.

In offer we have got a wide range of services which we do with specialized and licensed team of people who have long time experience in tourism.
The tourist offer of Monte Mare Travel agency is ranked as the most diverse and the cheapest at the same time, which supports the fact that we are not devoted only to quality, we also enable the creation of various arrangements according to the client payment options. That's what separates us from others.

Let your next destination be Montenegro, the country which abounds in natural beauty, historical monuments, clear lakes, high-speed rivers, beautiful mountains and beaches. It is a country full of natural contrasts, so tourists have the opportunity to swim in the sea, eat lunch on the lake, rafting on the rivers and enjoy strolling across the mountains – all in one day!

December 2020
I want to offer our tourist products to new partners as well as to present our beautiful country Montenegro to colleagues from all over the world.