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Megan Chapa
Podcast Host & Network Director | Travel Professional, Travmarket Media | Travel Radio Podcast
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About me

I'm host of Travel Radio Podcast. The podcast started to help my travel agent friends share their niches and book out their trips. Now, it is a place for travel agents and travelers to discover new destinations, resources and even each other!

I record between parenting, homeschooling and walking my fat little dog. My children have been traveling since birth and I hope to foster a spirit of exploration and adventure in their little hearts. My husband is brilliant and just graduated with a DPhil from Oxford. His education there allowed us a blissful three years in the UK. We greatly enjoyed our time exploring castles, neolithic sites and mispronuncing words.

Clotted cream is everything...

We just moved transatlantic, mid-pandemic and are homeless quarantining in a furnished apartment. I attract a mild amount of chaos... and that is just fine! I look forward to exploring the Washington, DC area when circumstances permit.

Why did you join the community?

I want to create a bigger pool and knowledge base for myself. These are people worth engaging and learning from!

What is your favorite travel destination?

The United Kingdom! Portugal and Spain are high up there too. I'm willing to have my mind changed, I haven't been everywhere yet!

Where do you dream of traveling to?

Poland and Africa are tops now but the list is LONG.

What was your first travel job?

IC Travel Agent

What do you want to learn more about?

Asia, I would love to know more about why a traveler should go there and why agents should specialize in that area.

Three words that describe why we should travel?

It's about PEOPLE