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Phylecia Jones
CEO & Founder, Keep Up with Mrs. Jones

Greetings I am Phylecia, a Budgetologist with a love for travel and getting others to take journeys. The budgeting part may seem odd, but I used to travel a lot and found myself in a credit card black hole of debt. Once I cleaned up my money, travel was a lot easier... and a lot more fun. For the last few years, I have been consulting others on finances, but have now made the switch to get back to what I love... travel and having money to do it.

I am a consultant and blogger that focuses on solopreneurs who want to live the 'Laptop Lifestyle.' That means knowing how to grow a business, taking your dream on the road, and having the money management skills to do it all!

At this exact moment, I am undergoing 're-branding' to better relate how I want to give to other solopreneurs looking to achieve their ultimate goals... and becoming a world traveler ambassdor. My travel partner, Hubby, and I have current 2017 plans of visiting Bhutan or Mazatlan... in one month, we were offered to tag along on these amazing adventures... unfortunately at the same time!

October 2016
Castle Rock
Would love to connect with other travelers and bloggers to learn how they do what they do. Would also like to be around like minded people.