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Katalliyah S. Bunnag
Blogger/Owner/Founder, Dreamkation: Travel with Katalliyah

Hi there! I'm Katalliyah or Kat for short..This is my blog about what I love!! I love traveling, eating and here is sharing my travel-entrepreneur journey with you all.

Everybody has a dream, a dream that is much more than just what money can buy. A dream to be able to pursue all for yourself or your family and loved ones and even giving back to community.

I love to dedicate my blogs/vlogs to all who has a dream and to bring you on a journey to success from just traveling, great mindsets and more...

A life full with fun, freedom and fulfilment does not appear everyday so grab that opportunity when you can.

I dont bite so just drop me a message!

Much love,

February 2018
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like to explore more boundaries on international level