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Karan Shetty
Founder of Novus Pictures , Filmmaker , Photographer, Novus Pictures
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About me

Its very difficult to put into words my love for travel but if I were to it would be "Life is a sum of all your experiences and travel is at the very core . It is something that excites me and is also a source of peace . From experiencing the hustle of a city to sitting on the edge of a cliff and being in complete awe of nature is something that can seldom be put into words. The best i can do is to capture those experiences…those moments into frames that will be a part of my life . So… explore…experience…..TRAVEL " . As a filmmaker , photographer , food lover there is nothing more i love to do than travel .

Why did you join the community?

I love travel and love creating content around travel

What is your favorite travel destination?


Where do you dream of traveling to?


What was your first travel job?

Directing,Filming, producing travel documentary series for Youtube

What do you want to learn more about?

Every corner of this earth is so different multicultural yet there are some things that are similar . A dream would be to travel as much as possible,experience and capture these amazing things .

Three words that describe why we should travel?

We are born explorers .