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Kammy Thurman
Travel Copywriter & Conversion Strategist,
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Hamilton, Montana, USA
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About me

I'm a certified travel agent turned conversion consultant / copywriter specializing in travel, tourism and hospitality.

I use conversion optimization and copywriting to help companies deliver more of what their digital visitors need to say β€œyes” … so they see faster ROI, increase their margins, and achieve sustainable growth (without increasing acquisition costs).

A bit of background:

> I’ve been involved in travel & tourism for 37 years β€” first as the top-selling travel consultant in three different agencies, then as a digital copywriter/consultant.

> I’ve been a Professional Educator for the Travel Institute for seven years and a contributor to their flagship training course.

> I’ve also been certified by leading organizations in direct-response, SEO, conversion and UX copywriting, conversion funnels, inbound marketing, customer acquisition, e-commerce, and email marketing.

> Over the years, I’ve helped more than 250 clients in a dozen industries β€” from mom & pop gift shops to multi-billion-dollar corporations β€” sell their products and services online and offline, giving me an understanding of how to reach very different markets through very different media and move them to the sale.

Why did you join the community?

To stay current on industry trends and to network with others.


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