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Jessica Poitevien
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I’m an international storyteller, a dreamer, and an eternal optimist by nature, but most importantly, I’m a traveler. Ask me where I’m from and the response will most likely depend on my mood because there is no simple answer for me. Between New York, New Jersey, California, Florida and now Spain, I’ve already moved twelve times and counting in my short, twenty something years of life. Needless to say with all that moving around, the travel bug bit me early.

I'm a lifelong learner with an endless supply of curiosity, and I'm on a quest to see and experience everything our gorgeous planet has to offer. The world never ceases to amaze me. When I'm not out traveling or dreaming about doing so, I enjoy practicing my Spanish skills, attempting to dance salsa and trying new foods. I'm an open-minded person ready to be surprised by what the universe has in store for me. I may be living in Florida now, but I can't wait to take on my next adventure whenever and wherever it may come.

October 2015
Hollywood, Florida
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