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Inês Carolina

I am a curious woman whose mindset has always been focused on learning. But what does it matter, if you learn without passion? I am passionate about absorbing knowledge of different areas.

Nowadays we are flooded with information and the future will set in an even more technological world. Traveling puts all of this from a different perspective. Travel is the bridge between knowledge, applications, innovation, and creativity. I lived in four different cities located on two continents and three countries. I want to be part of this world and contribute to it, pursuing this belief I participated in several projects and I belonged to teams with distinct goals, as a member or as a coordinator. As the coordinator, I learned that people and passion are the keys to the success of every project.

I am looking forward to keep learning, as I did until today, to be the best version I can be.

Feel free to reach me I will be delighted to answer

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