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Dylan Taylor-Lehman
Journalist and Author, The Yawning Chasm
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I am a reporter, researcher, and author of two books - the first chronicles the surprisingly interesting and entertaining duties of township trustees in small-town Ohio and the second records the remarkable saga of Sealand, the world's most stubborn micronation.

I have never really had a sense of home and have moved around quite a bit, content to take in the rhythms and atmosphere of places I never thought I would end up. I've also taken a number of offbeat jobs for similar purposes, which has led to some great and no-so-great workplace adventures as well.

In any case, I am a freelance writer who typically writes about offbeat histories, rogue adventurers, and strange true crimes. Most of my time is spent on these kinds of stories, though I also indulge in the most ripping and brutal goregrind music possible.

August 2020
United States
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