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Drew Barrett
Publisher, Global Lifestyle Editor, Journalist; Global Business Developer, Marketer, Globo Life Media / Global 3T

I’m Globo Drew (Pen Name), Managing and Lifestyle Editor and a Contributing Writer for a Lifestyle Media startup, Globo Life Media; publisher of Romance Travel Magazine (dot Com) and the soon to be launched GloboLife.Net a Lifestyle and Business of Lifestyle publication. Globo Life Media also offers Custom Content Development and Aggregation, as well as Custom Digital and Print Development, Editorial and Publishing.

I have consulted with Brands and Governments on matters of Global Tourism and Trade development. I sometimes participate in conferences and trade shows, as a Journalist, Subject Matter Expert, Presenter.

GLOBAL CAPABILITIES: My coverage and connectivity include nations in The BRICS, MENA, MINT, EU, EEU (European Economic Union), Sub Saharan Africa, South Asia, East Asia, The Pacific/Oceania, The Americas: South, Central, Caribbean, North.

I cover and have a significant focus on and connectivity in the Global Travel & Tourism industry:
Brands: Hospitality, Hotels, Transportation,
Government Tourism Agencies,
Media Organizations
CVBs and Stakeholder Organizations,
Industry Associations and Trade Shows,
Transportation Brands: Airline, Cruise, Rail
Travel Agencies and Tour Operators,

I also cover and have viable connectivity within the Global industries of:
Spirit Beverages Spirit and Healthy,
Cannabis and Hemp,
Design Architectural and Interior,
Entertainment and Events,
Food and Ingredients,
Hi and Lo Technologies,
Industry Associations and Trade Shows,

Drew Barrett, a son of Chicago and self declared Global citizen, is a marketing expert by vocation and education with 4 decades of experience working for Global and National USA Brands; in a range of industrial categories. Drew operates a global business development + marketing consultancy and services company, Global 3T,

Drew has worked in sales and marketing, helping to progress the fortunes of well known companies like Merrill Lynch, Avis Rent A Car, Johnsons + Johnsons; as well as tech pioneers like Control Data Corp, US Robotics a modem pioneer and MCI an early telecom disruptor.

As an entrepreneur Drew has helped the marketing and sales teams of global, international, national and startups brands exceed objectives; including Hennesy, Jack Daniels, Leblon Cachaca, Tanduay Rum, Heineken, Corona, Guinness, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Ford, Sprint, North Trust Company, American Family Insurance, Target.

Drew’s skill sets can be characterized as being a globally connected and capable business development + marketing pro. His expertise includes marketing strategy + tactical planning and implementation; as well as event marketing and target sales promotions.

Drew has initiated some pioneering and innovative initiatives. He can thrive in the digital and traditional media and leading edge marketing technologies, as well as the most compelling storytelling content.

Drew has recently developed a new practice of Global 3T, representing LatinX + Africana Creative, Content, Digital Tech. Experiential, Media, Production + IT Export Companies in Latin America, Caribbean and the USA. The Global 3T Portfolio Partners have created and produced TV + Internet Commercials, Experiential Trade Show + Events and TV Show, Documentaries + Feature Films. Some clients are Novo Nordisk, Bayer, Schick, Corona, BMW.

In the 90s Drew helped African and Latin Diaspora cultural events to achieve strategic marketing tactical status for global and national brands in the USA, seeking to reach viable African American and Latin America consumers. He used consumer data to provide a compelling value proposition to open minded brand decision makers at companies like Kraft, Nabisco, TJ Lipton, Ford, General Motors, Colgate-Palmolive, Procter & Gamble, Clorox, etc.

Event properties which were the beneficiaries included National Black Expo, Chicago’s African Festival of the Arts, Sinbad’s Soul Beach Music Fest, Nat’l Real Men Cook for Charities, La Raza, Festival Del Sol, Puerto Rican Festival of Chicago, Caribbean Festival fo Life, Int’l Reggae And World Music Awards. Drew created branded events such as the Burger King Academic Fair, Nationwide Insurance Holiday Shopping Fest, Volvo Financial Empowerment Seminar; to name a few.

The industrial and product categories in which Drew has valuable expertise includes global travel & tourism, automotive, spirit + beer Beverages, food + ingredients, brick and mortar retail, financial services, consumer technology and consumer packaged goods.

Drew’s global connections and capabilities, have enabled him to complete a variety of projects for small and large businesses, as well as government and institutional clients in nations including the Philippines, Korea, Hong Kong, Russia, Italy, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Benin, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Canada, Jamaica, Panama, El Salvador, Colombia and Brasil.

International projects have included global travel and tourism marketing and sales promotions, spirit and malt beverage exportation and marketing, foreign direct investment, international trade and commodities to brand development.

Drew relentlessly over delivers to help clients target, reach, communicate with, sell to and nurture relations with optium consumer, business, government and institutional customer targets.

Drew has a BA in Philosophy and MS in Marketing Communications, both from Roosevelt University in Chicago. He also has Journalism training and experience. HIs LinkedIn profile can be accessed with this link,

Drew enables brands to, from locally to globally, target with a laser focus, reach with surgical precision, relevantly communicate with, sell to + nurture long-term relations with business, consumer, government, institutional + organization targets.

1) Marketing Experientialist, Strategist, Tactician, Technologist
2) Int'l Trade, Tourism + Technology Development + Marketing
3) B2B + B2C Marketing + Target Engagement Strategies + Tactics
4) Foreign Direct Investment Development
5) Cross Borders Trade Sales Representation
- Innovative Lo + High Tech, Digital Experiences;
- Pop Up + Micro Events, Guerrilla, Ambush, Street Tactics;
- Multicultural, Multi-Generational Targeting
- Virtual/Augmented Reality, Smart Posters, NFC, BLE, 3D Projections, GeoFencing
- In-Airport, In-Store, Street Level, On-Campus, In-Park, In-Mall, You Place
- 165 Global Airport Advertising and Promotions Network
- Mobile Branded + Customized Mobile Vehicle Promotions

a) Spirit Beverage On + Off Premise Promotion and Sales
b) Trade Shows, Professional Conferences, Business Meetings and Events
c) Global Travel & Tourism Trade Shows
d) Technology, Global Business Events, Conferences & Trade Shows

AUTO: Ford, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Hyundai
SPIRIT BEV: Jack Daniels, Courvoisier, Hennessy, Tanqueray, Crown Royal, Stoli, Heineken, Corona, Guinness, Red Stripe, Grande Marnier, Paul Masson
FINANCE: Harris Bank, Northern Trust Co., American Family Insurance, Nationwide
FOOD: Kraft, Post, Pepsi, A1, Lawry’s
RETAIL: Target, Wal-Mart, Macy’s, Kmart, Sears, JCPenney, Home Depot
TOURISM: American, United, Amtrak, Choice Hotels, Aruba, Jamaica, Haiti, Brazil’s Embratur, RioRur + Bahia

Specialties: Applied Areas of Expertise:
1) Foreign Trade Development
2) Commodity to Brand Migration Strategic Tactics
3) Spirit Beverage Importation, 3 Tier Distribution Planning

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