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Deborah Shadovitz
Writer, mostly websites, travel full time over 6 months per year, work as I travel

I'm a professional writer, which enables me to work from anywhere. I'd traveled solo around much of the world for 3 years before I turned 30, and loved it but planned to not travel again until I had a "significant other" to share the adventures with. That never happened because I never met an American who liked to travel as I did and life with a 9-5 alarm clock person wasn't for me. In 2011 after many successful years tech & lifestyle writing (some travel writing) in LA, I gave up my home base & started traveling again.

Sometimes hostels. Sometimes sharing a hotel room with a fellow traveler. Sometimes house-sitting or sub-letting. Sometimes staying with people as I help them with computer stuff, web things, or writing. Other times visiting some of the great people I've become friends with around the world.

April 2019
United States
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I received an invitation and the name was intriguing. I'm not sure where or how I'd fit in. I actaully travel full time for months at a time and enjoy seeing and learning the places. Maybe I can meet people and maybe we can help eachother.