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Rebecca Olkowski
Travel - Lifestyle Blogger,and voice actor, Baby Boomster
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I'm the founder of, an online magazine for women over 50 who are passionate about traveling, eating, living well and enjoying life. I’ve been a blogger since 2008. I've also been a professional voice-actor for over 35 years and am a long-standing member of SAG-AFTRA.

My thirst for exploring the world has included trips to Spain, Italy, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Germany, the Czech Republic, Portugal, England, the Caribbean, and Mexico as well as throughout the United States. Topics I often write about include travel, cuisine (I'm a diehard foodie), wine-tasting, cruising, wellness, longevity, anti-aging, entertainment, pop culture events, theater and local history.

When I'm not traveling, I love to write about my hometown in Los Angeles and nearby destinations in Southern California. Some of my interests include attending film screenings, live theater, culinary events, historical and natural points of interest.

My main demographic is active Baby Boomer women over 50 who aren't ready for rocking chairs but ready to rock!

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May 2016
Los Angeles, CA
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I would like to network with others who share my passion for seeing the world because travelers are fun people.

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