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Desiree A.
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Growing up I had no interest in travel. I didn't want to go anywhere new. I was content in the bubble of my city. When I was in my early twenties something started to shift. I was feeling trapped but didn't know why. I met someone at work who called herself a "Wanderluster". She was outgoing and fun and exciting and was always seeking adventure. I was drawn to her. We quickly became friends and she pushed me out of my comfort zone. We tried new foods, we explored parts of my town I had never seen before, we traveled to different cities and towns. It was contagious. I caught the travel bug! Since then I have been traveling out of the country with my boyfriend each year as well as exploring neighboring states. I began document my journey on my site and my travel blog was born.
I went from a hermit to a travel blogger!

August 2020
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I would love to learn from other travels, collaborate and network to expand my traveler friends and knowledge