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Travel Bloggers Show & Tell #1 Hear from travel bloggers from Colombia, Cape Town, and Chicago

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Here’s the replay from our first Travel Bloggers Show & Tell LIVE Event from August 19 with content creators joining from Colombia, Cape Town, and Chicago.

This discussion is moderated by Maria Stoyanova, Travel Massive Content Editor and Sofia chapter leader.

In this episode we heard from:

Megan Zink

Megan is a content marketing strategist and is passionate about storytelling and visual communication. She recently launched an inclusive media platform at Color and Curiosity (www.colorandcuriosity.com), focused on amplifying inspiring stories of womxn in technology, travel and creative pursuits to encourage lifelong learning. She’s also the founder of the travel media platform Moderately Excited (www.moderatelyexcited.com).

Analucia Rodriguez

Half Peruvian, half Spaniard, Analucia have lived in 9 different countries and visited 71. Since 2014, she’s sharing her journey on her blog Viajar Para Vivir (www.viajarparavivir.com) (To Travel is to Live), inspiring her readers to leave their comfort zone. At the moment, she’s also spending her time as an Industry Manager at Google Colombia.

Stephanie Marthinus

Stephanie is a South African traveller and blogger at Stephanie Marthinus Blog (stephaniemarthinus.com) – her platform to share travel inspiration. She believes in the statement #SmallTownsMatter (twitter.com/search/%23SmallTownsMatter) by exploring locally, one town at a time.

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