License Agreement

tl;dr = don't share or publish this database.

Terms and Conditions

These are conditions of purchase between you ("The Buyer") and Travel VC Pty Ltd ("The Seller").

1. Lifetime license. The Buyer is purchasing a non-transferable license to "500+ Verified Travel Content Creators" ("The Database") from The Seller. The Buyer can use The Database indefinitely per the terms of this agreement.

2. "In-house" use only. The Buyer agrees not to sell, publish or distribute The Database to any 3rd party, contractor, client, or customer in any form including derivatives or subsets of The Database.

3. No Warranty. All information in The Database is provided "as is". The Seller makes no warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of The Database.

4. Updates. The Seller may issue updates to The Database from time to time. The Buyer is entitled to complimentary updates to The Database within 3 months of purchase upon request.

5. No Refunds. The Buyer agrees that due to the nature of digital downloads, no refunds are available.