Stripe World Tour.

Join Stripe and Travel Massive in cities around the world as we explore the global trends shaping the future of payments.

Explore the future of payments in travel

These events are designed for professionals working in hospitality, traveltech, and online travel companies who want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices about payments, subscriptions, and loyalty programs.

Travel Massive meetup
April 24 — San Francisco: Social With Stripe

Each event is carefully curated and features valuable insights from Stripe's local partners, fire-side chats with customers, and industry networking.

🌎 World Tour Dates

Berlin (March 5), London (March 14), Edinburgh (March 26), New York City (April 9), Washington D.C. (April 11), Barcelona (April 16), San Francisco (April 24), Dublin (June 12), London (June 27), Brisbane (September 16), Melbourne (September 17), Sydney (September 19), Singapore (October 23).

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About Stripe

Stripe, a financial infrastructure platform for businesses, accelerates revenue growth and productivity with travel organisations from startups to enterprise, through leading online and in-person payment capabilities, and products supporting memberships, digital ecosystems and much more. Working with leading businesses including Marriott, Hertz, and technology platforms such as Navan, Mews and Selfbook, Stripe and its partners aim to accelerate the level of technology transformation and innovation across travel. Learn more

Travel, Transport & Leisure Lead @ Stripe

About Travel Massive

For over a decade, the Travel Massive community has connected thousands of tourism professionals, travel media, creators and startups from around the world to meet, connect and share ideas — to help shape the future of travel. You'll find Travel Massive members at more than 10,000 companies worldwide, from the world's largest online travel agencies to the latest startup companies. Learn more

London Travel Massive

Thanks to our community

A big thanks to James Lemon (Stripe) and Matthew Gardiner (Travel Massive) for getting this big idea started in London. Special thanks to Bjorn Troch from Destination Digital (Berlin), Tom Buckley and Jared Alster from Dune7 (NYC), Joshua Ryan-Saha from Traveltech for Scotland (Edinburgh), Ana Metz from Future Travel (Barcelona), Kristine Dworkin and Ankesh Kumar (San Francisco), Kevin O’Shaughnessy, Mark Lenahan and Amanda Campbell (Dublin), and all of our local partners, sponsors, and speakers.

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