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Sales Associate & Admin for Luxury Travel Company (Work from Home)

An Avenue Apart

Job Description

Please read fully. You must have at least 1 year of industry experience

This is a full time, salaried role and ideal for a candidate who has a client handling+ an administrative background, preferably within the Travel Industry.

We are a luxury Virtuoso certified travel agency based in NYC. Similar experience is required. The position requires someone who is detail-oriented, well-spoken, well-written, well-organized and performs best under pressure. Extra preference will be given for those with SABRE experience. Preference will also be given if you have experience working with a luxury market/clientele.

This role does come with health benefits after your 90 day performance review. Work is weekdays (never weekends) and between the hours of 10 AM and 6 PM Eastern during which you make yourself available to the agency founder/manager and his team. You will not be asked to work outside. We are based in New York City however you can work remotely for this position from anywhere, provided you are US based.

Note that the primary focus of this role is not travel sales nor will travel be required, but you will be virtually surrounded by our team and discussing/handling travel 24/7! This role is the perfect stepping stone for learning the tools you need to be succesfull in the travel industry

The Fine Print:

You must be incredibly detail-oriented and well written; in our industry, an error in dates or a name misspelled will cause huge problems. You also must excel in client management in order to be able to deal with our high-level clientele. Our team is young, dynamic, hard-working, and fun; all are remote and communicate mainly via Slack. Despite being remote, team cohesion is important. You must also be a hard-worker, committed to the long-term goal, and incredibly well versed at multi-tasking and prioritization.

The role will begin as a full time hourly role. Following your 90 day review, you will transition to a full time salaried position inclusive of health benefits. Travel benefits are a given but should not be the reason you apply to this role.

You must be able to take direction but also be self-sufficient when assigned tasks. Your daily tasks include some clerical duties, social media posts (Instagram), scheduling/calendar management, CRM/accounting entry/invoicing, itinerary creation, and hotel research/quote creation, responding to and following up with house clients via emails. Experience with similar roles is required.

If your resume is considered, you may be given a written evaluation prior to proceeding with the interview process as again writing is paramount in this role. You will also be taught Sabre GDS as part of your training.

Feel free to view our website Avenue Apart and our reviews for more information on our company. When submitting your application, please incorporate quokka in the first sentence of your cover letter to indicate you’ve read this description to the end. Any questions please contact us by email, info@ avenueapart .com and submit resume to the same.

Company Description

Founded under the very principle of exploring the best and hardest to reach places the World has to offer, our founder built An Avenue Apart from his own love of travel-traveling to 60 countries and flying over 1,000,000 miles by the time he was 24. We bring an unfaltering level of commitment and expertise to your doorstep to ensure you have the most life changing and awe inspiring journey possible. We plan all our trips from the root of the very same passion that propels our own wanderlust to explore the world the way it was meant to be explored.

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