Welcome Back - on hold.
Thursday, Jun 3, 2021
17:30 UTC
Hosted by Jean Cheney
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28 May update - This event is on hold as we explore another circuit breaker. As soon as we can safely do so a new date will be set.

Well it's time to brush off the ol' FOMO and get back into the city for a casual catch up. Do our best to help stimulate the Melbourne hospitality industry. Really it's going to be an absolute pleasure to see fellow travel lovers face to face.

Please join us for the first event of 2021! If you can't make this one don't despair there's more in the pipeline...

Due to strict booking conditions in many Melbourne venues we've capped this event at 10. If we can increase the size of our booking more tickets will be made available.

👏 Organized by Jean Cheney
📍 Event location: Garden State Hotel
🗺 101 Flinders Lane, Melbourne