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Call For Speakers: The Extraordinary Travel Festival

Extraordinary Travel Festival, Bangkok, Thailand
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The Extraordinary Travel Festival is a gathering of the world’s most accomplished, avid, and adventurous travelers. 200+ travelers are gathering in Bangkok (November 15-17, 2024) for a multi-day event full of speakers and social get-togethers.

Who Should Apply? Those who can be categorized as accomplished, avid, and/or adventurous travelers. Check out the current speakers to get a sense of their travel CVs at

Keynote Talks: Motivational, inspiring, unique, storytelling.

• Travelling to every country in the world without flying on a 10-year unbroken journey
• Building 17 schools in the fabled city of Timbuktu to fight Islamic extremism
• Living with a local family in Mogadishu in a homestay

Breakouts Sessions: Product experts in visiting a difficult country (e.g. not visiting Iraq for 3 weeks, but visiting Iraq multiple times over different time frames for cumulative months)

• Visiting PNG over 10 times for a cumulative 12 months in the country
• Travelling independently for 4 months in West Africa

How to apply: Send us your pitch with your Bio and Topic Overview to with "Speaker" in the subject line.

👉 Members discount: Buy your ticket today, and use code MASSIVE to save.

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