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Marla Sink-druzgal
Freelance Creative Professional, Traveling MarLa

I’m a writer, teacher, digital photographer, and speaker.

I have lived in different parts of the United States, and in different countries of the world.

I have a Master’s degree in Creative Nonfiction, a Bachelor’s in English, and am a certified teacher in English as a Foreign Language. I’m a lifelong student of anything that strikes my interest, so I’ve also wound my way through certifications as an Adapted Aquatics Instructor, ISO Auditor, Supply Chain Professional, and Advanced Venomous Snake Handler (yup, that’s a real thing.)

I'm also a course designer, bird-nerd, and reptile enthusiast. I believe there is no better material for freelance work than to mine our own passions.

February 2018
Kansas City, MO
To exchange ideas and grow within a healthy travel network.