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Rob Burley
Founder, Altitude Luxury Travel
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About me

My career in travel started in my grandparents’ living room, where I’d play travel agents with a Fisher Price cash register and a pile of brochures from the local travel agency.

I wanted to work in travel after leaving college, but I had no experience. It was hard to get a job. But rather than becoming best friends with the staff at the local job centre, I decided to get out there and gain the experience I needed. So I volunteered at the local branch of STA Travel.

In no time at all, volunteering one day a week became a Monday to Friday job. I loved working there so much. I first got an admin position, then I quickly got promoted to full-time travel consultant.

In 2010 I started my own business, Altitude Luxury Travel. I thought I’d go from zero to the next big thing overnight. I got it wrong big time, by trying to be all things to all people – a jack of all trades. I was failing.

Things started to turn around when I found a niche I really cared about. That niche was Formula One travel.

Sports travel had always been in my business plans – not that I had a real business plan back then – and I started offering F1 travel packages and my business is growing.

Why did you join the community?

When I first found out that travel Massive existed (at WTM) I knew it was something I wanted to be part of

What is your favorite travel destination?

USA and Devon, UK

Where do you dream of traveling to?


What was your first travel job?

Admin at STA Travel

What do you want to learn more about?

Creating the freedom to travel

Three words that describe why we should travel?

Only Live Once