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Pablo Montero
Freelance English, German and Italian to Spanish translator, editor and copywriter

Hey! My name is Pablo, I hail from sunny Madrid (Spain), and I am an avid traveller, COVID aside. There we go, I said it!

As you know, one has to make his money in order to get to places, so I have turned my passion into my job. Yes, I translate, edit, proofread and create content for companies and clients within the travel industry (i.e. hotels, restaurants, museums, travel boards...).

...and you guessed right! I bring to the table my love for languages (English, German and Italian) and words, which results in Castilian Spanish texts which engage with your audiences all over the world and let that travel bug keep growing!

Lastly, at the risk of this sounding like a threat, we Spaniards LIVE for travelling! Everywhere you go, you will find hoards of us getting around and enjoying the moment. So if your wish as a company is to reach out to your Spanish speakers, I am the perfect conveyor, bridge, connector, linker...whatever you want to call it. Leave your content with me, and we'll be flying!

February 2021
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I would love to get to know better the industry from the inside while accessing better job opportunities.