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Wendy Werneth
Founder, The Nomadic Vegan
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Hi, I'm Wendy! I'm an intrepid world traveler, vegan foodie and animal lover. I left my home in the US in 1999 and have been traveling the world ever since. I've been to 109 countries and counting!

I've recently become semi-nomadic by adopting a home base in Lisbon, Portugal. I spend about six months out of the year in Lisbon and the other half of the year on the road.

On my blog, The Nomadic Vegan, I write about vegan food around the world. I discover vegan treasures in the most unlikely places! My mission is to show that you can be vegan anywhere and spread compassion everywhere.

May 2018
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I want to join so that I can connect with other people in Lisbon and beyond who share my passion for travel, including travel brands and influencers.