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Maria Miguel
Founder & CEO, cultour-incoming GmbH & Co. KG
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About me

My trilogy: expat, entrepreneur and passionate about the travel ecosystem.

My professional experience is the collection of several successes and failures of founding cultour-incoming GmbH & Co. KG.

The incoming agency has allowed me to grow in various aspects, even though I come from a completely different field of study and learned everything intuitively and according to the concept of learning by doing. The whole thing started in 2008 with the following impulses: to push through an idea and, above all, to run away from the comfort zone. Topics such as founding, marketing, sales, operations, financial accounting, HR & team management, acquisition of capital shares, digitalisation and the Corona pandemic have been the frame of my professional experience and my Master's degree.

I often describe myself as a firefighter. It's really a lot of fun to be able to put out any fire. Having visions, bringing them into a structure and enforcing them to create new goals is pure adrenaline for me and always a valuable reason to keep going. To have the support, motivation and proactivity of the right team is a gift.

The pandemic and this restart has been, so far, the biggest challenge of my career. And maybe, my biggest opportunity. A time of constant struggle to maintain the DMC and a precious time to develop more projects for a sector in need of fresh air.

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