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Lisa Evans
Travel writer and photographer

I am a freelance travel writer and photographer. I have always enjoyed the outdoors and nature and include them often in my writing and photography. History is another passion - every place has a story to tell if only you find it. Exploring different areas can uncover a myriad of information to share with the world.

I enjoy writing about my local area, sharing what I know so other people can appreciate it as well. In addition, there are many other places to seek out and discover.

I love exploring the beautiful outdoors, with plans to one day visit as many National Parks as I can. The stunning beauty of the Pacific Northwest is upcoming, as well as areas along the Eastern seaboard. Venturing into England-Ireland-Scotland and Wales as well as Italy and other destinations outside the US is also on the future "to-do" list.

I am a proud member of TravMedia, IFWTWA, Travel Writer's Cafe and Travel Massive.

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I want to become a better and more informed travel journalist / photographer