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Leanne Scott
Travel blogger and content creator, The Globetrotter GP
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Hi there! I'm a 31 year old travel and photography blogger, owner of As the blog name suggests, I work as a general practitioner part-time when I am not writing content for my website or freelancing.

I loved my job as a GP but it's about the least creative job you can get and I craved to let my creative side free! So once I qualified as a GP, I started locum work allowing me the flexibility to pursue other creative channels alongside being a doctor. This is how I ended up as a travel writer - combining my love for travel, photography and writing is my dream job! I now feel like I've achieved the perfect career balance for me!

My target audience are other professionals working 9-5 but dreaming of far off lands! I show them how they can achieve this with a blog focussed on mid-budget travel or affordable luxury. I can't resist the urge to educate people on health issues so I also write articles about travel health.

Alongside articles about mid-budget travel and travel health, I also do a lot of photography how-to guides and often write about my amusing travel fails - there are many, particularly as I am the most clumsy person you will ever meet!

December 2017
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I'd like to make genuine connections with other travel writers and people working in the industry