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Kristian Bertel
Photographer, Kristian Bertel | Photography
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A short story…

Travel can be uncomfortable and exhausting in India and anyone packing themselves in cotton wool here will not experience anything in cities like Delhi and Mumbai as the photographer Kristian Bertel has wandered around.

As a traveler and photographer he wants to experience something on his travels and he is one of those people and travelers, who leave the beaten path of the tourists in order to get the adventure and get to know the country and its people. Being off the beaten track does not necessarily mean wandering hopeless around in an Indian city, but more to discover the surroundings on his own. Where he does not plan or only barely, but let himself drift into the streets instead. So he is doing what he has never done.

Nobody will deny that traveling in India does not change people and changes the way life can be seen. Meeting other cultures make us see that lives can be lived differently and in other perspectives than our own. These influences whether it is in India or other places in the world will affect our lives and become more enriched by the many impressions.

January 2018
Aarhus in Denmark
I want to join because I'm passionated about traveling and have traveled to India. I hope that my travel stories can be an inspiration to the members.