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Anne Morgan
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About me

I'm a writer, blogger, anthropologist, teacher and explorer of life. I've travelled to over 50 countries and lived and worked in Tel Aviv, Kinshasa, Hong Kong, Sydney and London. Now I live in Manchester which I know is actually a really great city, but the reason I like it best is because it's easy to leave - it's halfway between London and Scotland, on a great rail and motorway network and best of all, it has a major international airport. When I'm not in the classroom or sitting at my desk tapping away at my computer I can be found, well, anywhere really. Travel is more than just a passion, I get actual physical withdrawal symptoms if I'm stuck at home for too long at a time. Then I begin to behave irrationally and refuse to do anything until I've bought a plane ticket. Maybe a one-way one. Who's needs a return when you can walk back? Even if it is from the Swedish Arctic? Yeah, my other passion is walking and I've found that walking and travelling combine very well together. I also spend a lot of time seeking out weird little museums and finding friends who'll invite me to stay so I can find out what suburban life is like in different countries and cities.

Why did you join the community?

I want to join because I love travel and want to be part of a group with like-minded people

What is your favorite travel destination?

Shetland and Sweden

Where do you dream of traveling to?

Antarctica, St Helena, the Falklands, Greenland, Faroes, Spitsbergen and Iran

What was your first travel job?

De-tushing chickens

What do you want to learn more about?

SEO, PR and how to get a visa for Iran

Three words that describe why we should travel?

Opens your mind