Hayley Garner

My name is Hayley. I am 21 years of age and am a self confessed travel loving blogger.
I have been blogging for about four years and am working on new content on my website Wild Ever Since.

Why Wild Ever Since? Well have you ever had an adventure that changed you as a person? Or spoken to someone that has said the words "travel changed me"? Of course you have. Especially in the travel industry or in conversations between worldly backpackers or travel addicts.
Wild Ever Since gained its name from the simple meaning of having travelled and feeling wild ever since. I believe these are the perfect group of words to describe the innate feeling of freedom after having experienced a life changing adventure.

Anyway! Some more fun facts: I have lived in various countries including: England, Tonga and Australia and have travelled to over 15 different countries and 5 out of the 7 continents.

I absolutely love to document my travels and have been doing this through my blog and having been published on a few online sites.

I am an avid explorer and love all things adventure travel based!

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i LOVE travel and I am working on providing content through travel blogging. I want to learn more to allow me to inspire others to travel