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Gary Bowerman
Director, Check-in Asia

I am Director of Check-in Asia, a tourism-focused content, marketing and trends research company with bases in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur - and co-host of The South East Asia Travel Show podcast.

An experienced travel and tourism analyst and commentator specialising in Asia, I have produced detailed analysis reports on the tourism economies of China, India, South East Asia, Japan, Australia/New Zealand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Macau and Pakistan. Based in Kuala Lumpur, I provide monthly consumer and travel trends updates on Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan.

My book, The New Chinese Traveler: Business Opportunities from the Chinese Travel Revolution, was published in October 2014. I have written several articles and given presentations on shifting trends in Chinese outbound travel. In 2019, I was invited to join the Advisory Committee of the Centro de Estudios de Turismo Chino (CESTUR China) in Madrid.

I have undertaken numerous TV, radio and podcast interviews to discuss Asian travel developments, including CNN Business Traveller, Channel News Asia, ITV News, Monocle 24 and Eye For Travel. Press interviews include Nikkei Asia Review, WSJ, Jing Daily, Skift, The Straits Times, Travel Wire Asia and South China Morning Post.

In November 2019, I co-founded The South East Asia Travel Show podcast, and in March we launched The South East Travel Show Cheat Sheet.

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