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Janos Gal
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By profession I have been a journalist since 2008. I hold a Bachelor of Arts, honours degree in journalism from Edinburgh Napier University. I have written for the Global Journalist magazine, the Estrella de Arica daily in Chile, Agence France-Presse in Budapest and many international titles in London. I have travelled extensively in Europe, South America and the United States.

I have been travelling since I was 11 years old. My first trip took me to the neighbouring town to the spa. My father wouldn’t take me there so I sneaked out with my best friend! My punishment duly followed – but I became addicted and have been travelling ever since.

A couple of years later I dragged my friend along to Budapest – again not telling anyone. We both lived in a small village and Budapest was 200 kilometers away. My friend’s father forbade him to see me for a few weeks after this trip but my father was OK. I guess he figured he couldn’t stop me anyway!

It took another three or four years before I went abroad on my own. I saved some money and bought a train ticket to the Croatian seaside. I loved every minute!

Since then I’ve travelled far and wide and thanks to my work I’ve seen some truly beautiful places!

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