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Elaine Ford
Founder, Electrek Explorer
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About me

Founder of Electrek Explorer, a mission-focussed company, aiming to help tackle the climate crisis by incentivising low-carbon, electric vehicle travel and promoting eco-tourism.

Recent studies suggest that only 13% of the world's ocean and 19% of land on earth is still wild. We share a vision of a world with restored, biodiverse, landscapes, but which integrate human activity as a part of nature. In this vision, to reduce impact, people are using low carbon vehicles and supporting a dynamic rural economy growing on the basis of restored natural capital. We are building a Nature Navigation system.
We are working to develop an AI preference engine for Electrek road trips and Adventures.

Managing Director at Planet Rewild. Producing 360 film nature content for virtual reality experiences. We use 360 film techniques for virtual reality (VR) experiences that transport the viewer to remote locations to engage with wild landscapes, diverse cultures and animals. I have exhibited immersive content endorsed by Jane Goodall Institute in Paris, New York, Burning Man, Los Angeles and at home in Edinburgh.

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