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Lynn Pattnosh
Executive Producer and Host, ConciergeQ Media

Lynn Pattnosh is the Executive Producer and host of ConciergeQ Media. She is also a casting director and performance coach, who has worked on Emmy-winning TV, film, and media. ConciergeQ Media is a recognized and respected travel and entertainment brand, delivering award-winning “where travel meets entertainment” content to a luxury audience. The Concierge Questionnaire is a copyrighted 10 question travel Q&A, highlighting celebrities, luxury hotel concierges, artists of all genres, athletes, business leaders and more, which serves as a focal point of the travel and entertainment brand. ConciergeQ produces URHere Travel all-access festival and event coverage, delivered via videos, photographs, articles, and live social media coverage, from such events as the Sundance Film Festival, Moogfest, the San Diego Film Festival and The WOWie Awards. Everyday Opera is a lifestyle luxury brand encouraging viewers to “Live life in full voice” -offering content that focuses on opera, as well as other musical genres, the fine and performing arts, wine, food and travel. While Studio Q – Sun Valley serves as the production studio behind all entities. New shows from ConciergeQ Media are currently in pre-production. Speaker and workshops.

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