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Bistra Yakimova
The Magic of Traveling ★ Your Cultural Tour ★ Writer, educator and social entrepreneur, The Magic of Traveling ★ Your Cultural Tour

I am an aspiring travel writer based in Bulgaria and Greece with vast experience traveling and working internationally. For the last 8+ years, I've been telling stories from my journeys together with my husband at our blog The Magic of Traveling and inspiring people to make the most out of their travels. I have published two travel books: 'The Magic of Traveling: Follow the Locals' and 'The Magic of Traveling in Central America'. My latest endeavor is the cultural travel platform Your Cultural Tour. I also have a passion for dancing so I perform and teach anything from traditional to ballroom to modern dance. I'm a yoga practitioner and teacher. I have some technology background in consulting and business development. My experience includes design thinking coaching that helps me empathize with pеople and help them grow themselves and their businesses. I have experience in consulting start-ups and NGOs in education, technology, and social domains.

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Thessaloniki and Northern Greece Travel Massive

A travel community in Thessaloniki and Northern Greece
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Social Entrepreneurship in Tourism

The first worldwide competition focusing on social innovation and entrepreneurship in tourism.
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Sofia Travel Massive

A travel community in Sofia

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I want to meet and work with like-minded people, people who love traveling!