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Becki Rendell
Blogger/ Content Creator, Meet Me In Departures

A travel blogger, new to the blogosphere - I hit launch on my blog Meet Me In Departures on October 2019.
My focus for travel is on escaping the rat race so write a lot about experiences all over the world. The main areas are temples/ruins, off-beat places, wildlife and adventure sport.
After quitting my full-time job as a secondary school teacher 6 years ago, I've travelled solo to 52 countries. I'm come back to the UK to do contract work as a supply teacher. In October 2019, I took steps to launch a professional blog (currently I still work part-time, but hey, bills need to be paid). My goal is to leave the education sector fully.

In the long term, (this is while off yet, I'm still working on Meet Me In Departures) I would like to create some type of educational content for aimed at younger viewers with a focus on the environment, different cultures and conservation.

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