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Archana Singh
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Brand Strategist by profession, explorer by passion. A solo traveler, who has been exploring the world in spite of having a full time high pressure corporate job. Who says you can't have best of both the worlds. Travel See Write is the proof of my conviction. As Jon Krakauer said "Happiness (is) only real when shared". Travel See Write is my tool of sharing my happiness with others.

Travel See Write, as the same suggests, was born in Aug 2014 with a vision to inspire people to move out of their comfort zone to Travel See and Write about offbeat experiences. Offbeat doesn’t just mean going to far-flung places but it could be as simple as rediscovering a forgotten backstreet. It’s seeing travel from a curious mind's perspective. A perspective that touches the soul and which brings to the foreground the untold stories of people that get pushed to the background or footnotes.

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